How long has Jetpatcher been in operation?2019-03-26T11:36:00+00:00

40+ years on international level.

How many units have been sold worldwide?2019-03-26T11:36:16+00:00

748+ units

How long has Jetpatcher been in South Africa?2019-03-26T11:50:45+00:00

Since 2007, 12 years

Who can we contact as reference to find out more about units currently in operation in SA?2019-03-26T11:36:50+00:00

Various Road department heads as well as private contractors, details can be supplied on request

What are the service intervals for a) Truck b) Jetpatcher unit?2019-03-26T11:38:46+00:00

Truck: Normal service intervals as per cab chassis supplier Jetpatcher Unit: Every 240 hours, as per Jetpatcher warranties

Does the driver have to have a code 10 license?2019-03-26T11:40:31+00:00

Yes, with a PDP

Do Jetpatcher give training and what will be costs involved?2019-03-26T11:40:41+00:00

Yes, Initial theoretical (2 days) and practical “on the job” (3 days) training is part of the service Jetpatcher supply when one of the units is bought

What do you use as a tack coat?2019-03-26T11:40:57+00:00

Jetpatcher specially formulated Bitumen Emulsion.

What type of aggregate does Jetpatcher use?2019-03-26T11:41:13+00:00

Grade A road stone. Depended on the client’s requirement sieve size from 13.2, 9.5, 6.7, and/or 4.75 can be used. We recommend a grading of 9.5nominal and more specific a mixture of 9.5 and 6.7 at a ratio of 50/50 as we found that this gives a better void filling/density.

What mechanical back-up service does Jetpatcher offer?2019-03-26T11:41:30+00:00

Full service back up.

What is the size of the hopper?2019-03-26T11:41:39+00:00

Sizes vary from the Series 1000, 2.5m3 – 4m3 up to the Series 2500, 5m3-7m3 units

How many potholes can be filled with one load?2019-03-28T05:53:36+00:00

Dependent on the depth of the hole for instance if the holes average 1m x 1m x 25mm = 60+
potholes per load.

How many potholes can be filled per day/Productivity?2019-03-26T11:42:13+00:00

(Asphalt output is 2.4m3 per hour while in continuous use). This depends entirely on the type of repairs and the skill and experience of the crew. The daily average in many market areas varies between 6 and 10m³ per day depending on traveling time between repair areas. Hopper capacity, type of repair work and distances from replenishment stock all affect the productivity. Crews have achieved 12m³ per day. Estimate time it takes to fill a 1m x 1m x 50mm pothole is 7 to 10 minutes.

Can you use Jack hammer?2019-03-26T11:42:25+00:00

Yes (can be supplied at an additional cost as per request).

Do you need a compacter?2019-03-26T11:42:38+00:00

No, Jetpatcher have a unique air compaction system/method. We however recommend a small single drum roller for ensuring a more aesthetic finish. On the bigger areas we will also recommend the use of roller to ensure a quicker stability.

Can you fit a crew Cab on the unit for additional people?2019-03-26T11:42:49+00:00

Yes, this helps to the fact that the Jetpatcher is a fully self contained operating unit, with the whole crew on board (no need for an extra vehicle, saving costs).

Can the Jetpatcher be used for any other roadworks?2019-03-26T11:43:07+00:00

Yes, although the Jetpatcher is primarily design for pothole filling, it can be used for Overlays,
Single Seals, Double Seals, crack sealing, chip and spray, edge breaks, etc.

How can/do Jetpatcher contribute to the Job creation/upliftment issue?2019-03-26T11:43:19+00:00

In all(or most) of our current contracts, Jetpatcher employs between 25-40 people out of the
communities to fulfill the various functions such as, Traffic control, roving flagmen, Bo-mag
operating, sweeping, cleaning up and loading of machines. There is also a skills transfer program
in place where the local employees get exposed to various subject such as, driver, operator,
traffic controller, quality control, general site management etc. The Jetpatcher family outsourced
the various modules to an accredited training company, to ensure a tangible skill transfer
program be completed, thus giving the candidate a proper referral document for the future.

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