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Jetpatcher Africa believes in treating everyone with honesty, fairness, and respect; conducting its business with the highest level of integrity; and open, informal communications, hard work, and sound financial management. Jetpatcher SA (established in 2007) is a company incorporated with the specific purpose, to make a difference in the society we live in today.  We have a diverse interest in Road Construction and General Road Maintenance.

The Jetpatcher Technology

This Jetpatcher system has a proven track record and has been used by Local Government, National Highway Authorities and contractors for over 25 years in more than fifteen countries around the world.

Jetpatcher uses a simple four stage process. The trouble area is cleaned and prepared, sealed, filled, cured and ready for traffic in one smooth operation.  Permanent repairs are made with bitumen emulsion, lasting as long as repairs using hot rolled asphalt.  Emulsion is safe and won’t harm the environment.  Experience minimum traffic delays with most repairs complete in under 15 minutes.  Repairs are ready to be driven over very soon after they have been made.

Stage One
Using the high volume, low pressure blower the Jetpatcher easily blows all loose debris from the pot hole, cleaning it and preparing the hole for an effective patch.


Stage Two
The Jetpatcher now coats the pot hole with an asphalt emulsion which seals the pot-hole and prevents further damage from occuring due to moisture.


Stage Three
Aggregate is introduced into the pot hole.  Using the Jetpatcher process, the aggregate is mixed with the asphalt emulsion and blown in to the pot-hole at high velocity.


Stage Four
The final stage of the Jetpatcher process.  After the pot hole has been effectively sealed and filled, a light layer of dry aggregate is applied to the patch, preventing the patch from adhering to car tires prior to the emulsion fully curing.  The patch is now ready for traffic.


Asphalt road - Failures

Jetpatcher Road Repair Machines are built to fix a multitude of road failures

From 2 to 8 cubic meters of hopper capacity, with emulsion tanks to suit. Local limitations may apply in some countries to axle loadings of the trucks. Units can be individually built to the requirements of our customers.


Pot Holes


A pothole is a type of failure in an asphalt pavement, caused by the presence of water in the underlying soil structure and the presence of traffic passing over the affected area.

Edge Breaks


Edge breaks generally occur when the road shoulder is worn, there is inadequate strength of the pavement at the edge if the roadway or water enters the pavement through the shoulders.


Rutting or crocodile cracking is characterized by interconnecting or interlaced cracking in the asphalt layer resembling the hide of a crocodile. Repair as soon as possible, as advanced cases can be very costly to repair and can lead to formation of potholes or premature pavement failure.



Depressions are localized pavement surface areas with slightly lower elevations than the surrounding pavement. Depressions are very noticeable after rain when they fill with water. 


Crack sealing (crackfilling) is to prevent moisture finding its way into a road pavement. It is also used to seal cracks prior to an asphalt overlay in order to prevent reflective cracking.

The Jetpatcher Range of Products and Services

The Jetpatcher Machine and process

Jetpatcher trucks can be rented or bought from Inyathi Jetpatcher South Africa. The Jetpatcher truck is accompanied by its own crew when rented and training is provided when sold. Various unit size models exist and can be customized as per the clients requirements. Contact us though the contact form below for more information

Asphalt Premix/Coldmix Bags

The Jetpatcher Asphalt pre-mix or alternatively known as cold mix or cold patch asphalt is formulated from a high quality polymer modified bitumen. This 2016 trademarked mixture by Jetpatcher South Africa is the perfect alternative to the Jetpatcher mixture be it a slower application process.

Road Markings

Road marking is an essential piece of road safety that must be regularly maintained. Every Jetpatcher truck have the essential technology ad-don’s and the necessary crew training to refresh or re-create road markings. Apart from the Jetpatcher truck, Jetpatcher South Africa also supply a trailer crew unit for hire.

Fog Spray / Road Rejuvenation

Road rejuvenation with PBRF is a polymerized bitumen rejuvenator with mastic filling that extends the life of asphalt and chip seal surfaces by preventing damaging moisture and ultraviolet rays from penetrating the surface. Video link

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Contact us for a free quotation or a more detailed presentation on why the Jetpatcher SA method is the best Solution for value. Our process is performance, performance leads to success.

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